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Safe Security Alarm was started because I wanted to provide a way to empower people that may feel unsafe walking in their neighborhood. I never would have imagined not feeling safe walking in my neighborhood, but thats exactly what happened to me a few years ago. Because of a hectic schedule, the only time that I am able to do some exercise is late at night. Also, the sun isn't as hot in the evening or at night. One night, as I did my routine 3 mile walk around my neighborhood, a car pulled up to me and began asking me some questions. At first, I thought they may have just been unfamiliar with the neighborhood and just needed some directions. As I walked closer to the car, I noticed that the driver looked real nervous, and all the windows were tinted. I began to get a bit concerned, when I heard someone in the back of the car demanding me to get in. Before anything crazy happened, I was able to take off running and fortunately there was a gentleman walking his dog near by. The car sped off and nothing happened, but unfortunately I was shook for several months. I stopped walking in my neighborhood for a while, and opted for a treadmill. After telling the story to a neighbor, she suggested that I look for some sort of personal safety device or alarm. After searching for weeks, I finally found one online. After receiving my alarm, I began my nightly walks again and I started to feel empowered again. I thought to myself, If I had this issue, i'm sure there were many other people who have had a similar experience. This was the beginning of Safe Security Alarms. If you've had a similar experience or just want to empower family members or friends, I  hope these alarms are able to give you back that peace of mind that I now have. 

Thanks so much for visiting our site,
Mark Todd
Founder of Safesecurityalarm.com
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